Hello everyone, I'm about to embark on my 1st year's adventure of online supply/trading, and I'm sure RANKA & CO., will prove to be a great resource. My business plan is currently split into both an online store and a small retail outlet with which to sell products that are difficult to source Quick, Fast & Genuinely. As you can guess, this means the good people of India having to cross the sea to reach not only the mainland, but also to simply reach anywhere that has a wider selection of products that they may wish to buy, especially electronic goods and electrical equipment/accessories other than domestic products. So I really hope that through building my business over the course of the next few years, I'll be able to offer an alternative and a much closer source for these products, whilst also being able to keep prices competitive when compared to other suppliers. I'm looking forward to sharing my new business experiences here, and I hope to deal with you in the near future.

  • Be honest in everything we do.
  • Fulfill our commitments.
  • Provide the best quality.
  • Be Responsible for everything.
  • Respect everybody everywhere.
  • Feel the sense of urgency.
  • Keep our customer as our prime focus.


Our People Overview
Our people are the foundation of our success. Our goal is to attract, develop, and retain the best talent and create an environment that enables each employee to contribute to our collective success.

Working together, we are confident that we can focus on growth, attract and retain diverse talent, maintain an engaged workforce, and develop the leaders for today and for our future—both in the community and at work.

Economic Overview
We understand the importance of the economic value we generate to our customers, communities in which we operate, and our employees. These are impacted by our capital investments, purchases of goods and services, taxes and salaries. 

Disciplined financial management is essential to ensure long-term success for us. We maintain stringent financial controls, a conservative capital structure, a dedication to financial returns, and a focus on value creation. The latter is achieved through top-line growth, capital spending, and cost-reduction activities. 

We are working to secure future growth in attractive markets with quality being our first priority.